This Online Package is For Up To 20 Employees to View This Training Course as a Group.  For Fewer Staff See Individual Course Page

Wondering if this online course is for your team?  If your personnel work as receptionists, records specialists, clerks, secretaries, office assistants, counterpersons, bookkeepers, administrative assistants, office volunteers, greeters, administrators or supervisors, then this course is for you.  

If your team or staff members work at a front desk, lobby, reception or office position in law enforcement, corrections, probation, courts, fire, government entities including city, county or state offices, schools and even corporations, then this course is for your organization and team.

"I can't wait to share with your team so many of these ideas and principles to minimize stress and improve safety and security".                  - Captain Joe Puckett      


Frequently Asked Questions and Our Answers About This Course

1. With this being an online course, how long will it be available?  The course will be available indefinitely in our training material, with planned updates yearly.   We have provided educational opportunities since 1995, and we plan to be around for many more years.   Once you purchase this GROUP training material, you will have 1 year to use the material.   This GROUP training is designed for you to print out the materials and photocopy them for your team.    If you have extra seats then those can be used for new hires within the year of purchase.  For the individuals there is a different package designed for single viewing and at "their own pace" for training.   If you are not wanting group viewing then find the page for individual sign ups.   

2. Are we allowed to show this to a group of employees?  This course is designed for group viewing, group planning and team building or a team work approach to safety.    The design is for a team or group of people from the same agency to sit in front of a computer screen or use an LCD projector for viewing together.   Materials for this GROUP course are also delivered and designed with a team approach as well.   The course material constantly reinforces the idea of getting together with "team or office members" for reinforcing this material with future planning discussions or discussions of the material.     In fact one section of the training, gives the attendees a "12 month safety/security plan" to work on.

3. Do state, county or local agency employees receive any discounts? There are no further discounts with the GROUP training packages.  These packages are already deeply discounted.

4. Can we view the course more than once?  Yes attendees to the training cannot skip ahead in any of the training, however, once they have completed the chapters or course, they can go back and view them as much as they want to in that time period of 12 months.   You can also break up your team into different training session to accomplish your goals and scheduling/coverage issues.   We just remind you that you are buying a package for a total number of employees to view the course.

5. Is there a certificate available as proof of attendance to the training? Yes, at the beginning of the course there are certificates for you the trainer or manager to print out and photocopy and fill in with the appropriate individual names upon completion of the course.    There are also paper handouts and exercises which can be printed and copied for the appropriate number of employees.