Frequently Asked Questions About This Course

1. With this being an online course, how long will it be available?  The course will be available indefinitely in our training material, with planned updates yearly.   We have provided educational opportunities since 1995, and we plan to be around for many more years.   For the individual user, they currently have 12 months to complete the course once they are registered.  

2. Are we allowed to show this to a group of employees?  This course is NOT designed for group viewing, however it is designed for overall group planning and team building or a team work approach to compliance of the PREA standards.    The design is for individual employees, volunteers or vendors to be registered for the training, view the training material as their schedule allows and then potentially come together as a group to discuss ideas.  

3. Do state, county or local agency employees receive any discounts? Absolutely, we will give you a discount based on the number of people you think will attend the course that are employed with your agency, entity or corporation.   If you let us know just how many people will register from your division or agency, we will provide you with discount codes right away for your personnel currently registering.    We would certainly offer you a 10% discount immediately if you have more than 10 employees you want to send through the course, if that number is higher we can provide further discounts.

4. Can we view the course more than once?  Yes attendees to the training cannot skip ahead in any of the training, however, once they have completed the chapters or course, they can go back and view them as much as they want to in that time period of 12 months.

5. Is there a certificate available as proof of attendance to the training? Yes, upon completion of the course there is an opportunity for the attendee to print a certificate of completion, before signing out of the course.   The certificate lists the title of the course and number of hours the course is listed as for completion time.   The certificate also shows a QR code which the link will take the viewer to a verification page which shows for 2 years after completion that the certificate is valid.  But the attendee must print the certificate out in paper form to have the QR code for any future verification.

6. Do I have to do this course all at once?  No, this online course allows you to watch the videos of instruction and complete the exercises as your schedule allows.  You can work on this material from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even from your smartphone when convenient for you and your schedule.  Sign in and out of course and start where you left off.    You will need to have connection to a printer to download and print the handouts and the completion certificate.

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"This training is very important since many working in jails, prisons and detention facilities still have questions about what PREA is and what their responsibilities are under the law. I look forward to sharing this information with you to limit your liabilities, reduce your stress and improve your professionalism".                  - Captain Joe Puckett