Captain Joe Puckett (former administrator) and our Code 4 team members are providing you with some video content below to enhance your focus relative to your safety, security or workplace survival.  We are also providing material to improve your leadership skills and focus.   Feel free to review these for self improvement, share them with your team, use them for 5 minute training tips for your personnel or share them to improve the skills of forward thinking.


Captain Joe Puckett talks about his opinions and studies of what he believes we should be focusing on as leaders in the near future.

Leaders lead, make things and people better, they clean up messes and lead today.   Sometimes we get bogged down by paperwork and process and maybe we should look at people as more of an important part of leadership today.

Safety, Security, Survival

We are talking about safety and survival ideas for you in the workplace, those of you working indoors or outdoors.

In this edition of Captain Joe Puckett's VLOG, we discuss proper profiling for indicators of violence in the workplace.

In this edition Captain Joe discusses the I'm Safe phone App.  This seems like a great tool for Office or Field personnel and also for communicating between family members.