On-Site Training
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On-Site Training

Code 4 offers on-site training in many locations in the United States and Canada. Each course provides an attendance certificate upon completion and state certification papers if required.

Each of the on-site locations is meant to host our listed audience members or related disciplines. So if the course is appropriate for your discipline, agency or profession, you are invited to attend at any of the locations posted. Any onsite questions, please contact us or view our FAQ's section.

On-Line Training
Training From Your Home or Office
On-Line Training

Code 4 offers on line training to support many different disciplines, purposes and community functions.

Our on line training covers topics for public safety, criminal justice, fire, government disciplines, private investigators and of course mandated issues for courts, schools and other supervisory purposes.

Code 4 is also adding on-line training to support our communities, local businesses and their processes relative to safety and justice.

On-Line Store
Training, Safety and Code 4 Related Materials
On-Line Store

Code 4 offers products for sale on line that are related to our mission to support you and your profession.

We offer safe gun indicators, books, products and training related materials.

Lastly, we do offer Code 4 corporate related items as a service to you and a fundraiser to support our education mission.

Any on line store questions, please contact us or view our FAQ's section.

Hello and Welcome to Code 4!

Code 4 Public Safety Education Association, Inc. has become a leader in training for criminal justice, public safety and government personnel since 1995. We continue to offer Onsite safety, security and investigative training in various regions of the United States and Canada, and now we are leveraging the power of the Internet for you and your continuing education needs.

Our Online training opportunities, produced by a network of professionals and our education staff, strives to bring you quality, convenient online opportunities that are priced to support your need to get more for less. We also continue to support the individual and the small entities through affordable training opportunities to help cover your needs, liabilities and mandatory areas of continuing education.

If you have questions, seek out the answers on our frequently asked questions page.You can find out more about us and our staff, and if you are looking to partner with us to bring training to your region or become an instructor with Code 4, we have those pages to provide you with further information. This website strives to help you find everything you need to make your experience with Code 4 smooth and positive.

We hope you enjoy the time you spend with us!

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Code 4 strives to support your safety, the safety of your profession and community.  As part of that support we produce the “Cop Guy” blog. 

This blog provides thoughts on your safety as well as safety issues of those you serve and serve with.   Our goal is to help keep you well versed in the current safety and security related trends and news.

This information is often times applicable to the public perspective as well.

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Code 4 staff has the heart to serve you with quality training opportunities.  We also want to make your experience and easy one as you register, attend or pay for our training courses.

Here you can get a little more information about our staff and our regular contracted instructors.  It is an overview of our team.  If you want to reach anyone on our team,  simply send an email attention to them  via: information@code4.org


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Course List

Here you can find a list of the current courses our staff and instructors offers for you. These courses are available to bring to your region, or for you to further examine a planned topic for your attendance.

If you don't see a topic that you think is important for today's current trends or safety issues please let us know.

Also, if you are wanting to cosponsor one of these topics in your region, please refer to the partner page link.

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Here you will find a few of the various photos and videos that the Code 4 staff has taken or produce for promotion or entertainment purposes.  Sometimes it is just fun to look at where we have been.

Please enjoy browsing this section of our site.   If you have any photos from Code 4 training session please send them our way.

If you have questions, correspondence or want to send us photos just email us: information@code4.org

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